foobar2000 1.4 beta 7 リリース




・Configuration saving now uses transacted NTFS if available (beta 7).
・New, different scheme of storing user's playlists in app data (beta 7):
  ・Playlists now reside under playlists-v1.4, you can delete the playlists-v1.3 folder if you no longer need it.
  ・Unchanged playlists are no longer rewritten on each app shutdown.
・Merged networking features from foobar2000 mobile (beta 7):
  ・FTP reader!
  ・Refreshed HTTP/HTTPS reader; added the ability to read remote folder listings.
・Improved handling of various file formats over HTTP, AIFF and Musepack in particular (beta 7).
・New Default UI toolbar items for DSP presets and ReplayGain modes (beta 7).
・More robust M3U/M3U8/PLS playlist handling (beta 7):
  ・iTunes-created M3U8 playlists now load correctly.
  ・Big fat warning when trying to save a M3U/PLS file that may not be readable correctly due to international characters.
・New file format icons (beta 7).




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